Text message marketing for consultants and counselors has breached into different business sectors and niche markets. Professionalism has entered in the consultancy department, which is really commendable. Consultancy texting services are no more associated with a few individuals, they have spread into global markets.

Not restricted to a particular area, the consultancy texting services have allowed consultants to magnetize more clientele towards their businesses. More and more consultants are relying upon mass texting for consultancy service. No matter if you are an independent counselor or running an organization, today text message marketing has leveraged everyone with a rewarding platform. It is truly – a blessing in disguise!

Both consultancy and counselling are a need of the hour. There seems to be no area where consultancy can be sidelined. Previously, text marketing for the purpose of consultancy was considered as something annoying. But not anymore!

In contrast, consultancy texting services focus on target specified marketing. You won’t have any general target audience to market yourself. Consultants have become smart enough to understand that SMS marketing is incredibly – a channel to take advantage of. All real estate businesses should read this.

Client interaction was never so convenient, but the advent of text message marketing has empowered consultancy businesses with comfort. Professional consultants and counselors ensure that their marketing strategy is productive enough to gain them quick conversion.

Listed down below are some pivotal areas you need to cover while building up your marketing strategy.


Allow businesses to know about your forte.
Convince them to the level that they are enchanted to hire you as their consultant.
Always remember that the element of trust plays a vital role in developing business relations with clients. Consultancy texting services provide reach to the general public, once a few of them are convinced then, you may end up converting outsiders as your clients.

The most enthralling aspects of text message marketing for counselling service is that people can get benefit out of it regardless of time and place. An SMS has staggeringly high open rate of 94% with a response rate of 10% to 30%. No other marketing channel provides such liberty to businesses.

Putting it more simply, a text message possesses the power of attaining client’s attention. Professional consultants tend to use the rhetorical content within their SMS, a tactic to market themselves effectively. 


It is essential to interact with clients regularly.
Sending them business tips can be fruitful because companies are continually striving for enhancement.
As a consultant, if you provide clients with useful business tips or insights, then they might revisit their current business strategies.

Here, you can put your cards on the table. To facilitate companies with business tips is not everyone’s cup of tea. Therefore, your credibility will grow as a consultant or a counselor whenever you will draw attention of your clients towards the latest business metrics and ongoing trends. 

Remember that expertise is always taken into account and whenever a company will redesign its business strategy, they will definitely recall your tips and advises.


Consultancy business is an array of diversified fields. Pick any business sector and start providing consultancy.
Today, counselling and consultancy have equipped businesses with adaptability.
The point that we need to address is that consultancy services are flourishing as a full-time business globally.

Nothing could be more precise and effective than choosing SMS marketing as a channel. Promote your consultancy services by sending bulk SMS. Remind them of your expertise, and make them realize how crucial it is to consult a marketing pro before taking any severe measure for their businesses.
Mass texting service for consultancy business can give you a major breakthrough in this regard.

Again, consultants and counselors who are refraining themselves to utilize channels like consultancy texting services will perish in the days to come.

Simultaneously, professional counselors and consultants have driven themselves to the path of success by incorporating mass texting services for consultancy and counselling.


Using short codes gives you an edge because mass texting is only possible with a short code.
With a short code, you will have a keyword in your campaign. This really is a game changing moment!

Consultants most likely go for short codes when it comes to mass texting.
Now it is upon you to decide as a consultant or a counselor, whether you have an enormous list of subscribers or not.

If you own a huge database, then, short code message marketing is your ultimate need.


Being constantly in a certain place or in a similar state can result into disintegration.
Don’t remain stagnant anymore! It’s high time that you as a consultant or a counselor increase your clientele.
The growth in the clientele will be an indication that your consultancy services are being acknowledged.

Reaching out to a number of clients has become very easy-peasy in today’s world.
Choose mass texting services for your consultancy business and get more clients.

Fire out weekly discounted rates, try to go an extra mile for the new clients.
Ignite awareness to the people about what out of the box services you can offer to them.
All marketing tactics have failed, but consultancy texting services have turned dreams into reality for counselors and consultants.


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