Communication is evolving and Education is a sector where innovation is the only way to adapt and thrive. Communication in universities and colleges is complicated. Complex channels and tons of information is transmitted with uncertainty in delivery and reaction. We have moved on from flyers, notices, and emails to all vital information being on our phones. University texting services have made communication easier on and off campus and now all information is at our fingertips.

Furthermore, University text messaging has become the most consistent and secures ways of transmitting information out to its required recipients efficiently. With Expert texting, you can send important information such as exam schedules and results, meetings, emergency alerts, attendance notifications and updates on extracurricular activities, and all these are just the tip of the Iceberg. Any person we see in a college can be placed into three categories, those being teachers, students and administration.

Let us look at life on campus from their perspectives and see how university texting services can make their college lives much easier.

The Teacher

Wandering around campus, students can be seen, head down, engaged in their cellphones. While doing this, they lose sight of their tasks, assignments and class schedules. This makes communication difficult for teachers and vital information often not being obtained. University texting services could place that information right in front of them on their own screens and the following are some examples of information teachers can send via ET to their students;

  1. Exam schedules
  2. Class schedule
  3. Attendance notifications and updates
  4. Quiz results
  5. Assignment deadlines
  6. Course outline
  7. Interactivity
  8. Additional resources
  9. Study guides, etc.

Students can opt in to their classes, e.g. “Thermo101” by texting “join” to 27367.

“Welcome to thermo101, the following is a link to the course outline this semester and here is a link to your first assignment”

The Student

The millennial generations have made texting their upmost channel of communication. From a student’s perspective, there are a lot of difficulties we encounter during our college life such as being lost on the first day, missing assignments and quizzes, missing deadlines, and keeping up with updates and new developments. The following are some examples of how expert texting can make your college journey smoother:

  1. Orientation Texts

New students can opt in to their designated departments and get class schedules, course outline, directions and other information accordingly.

  1. Assignment and Additional Resources

Most students have trouble keeping up with assignments and tasks so we can help you opt in to your classes and never miss out. Teachers can also send additional resources such as links, research papers, videos and tutorials for easy access and saving time.

  1. Exam Schedules

Students can be notified about upcoming release dates for exam schedules, class schedules, assignments, fee collections, and other events.

  1. Extracurricular Activities

Students can receive information about sports activities or any other extracurricular activities such as festivals, social clubs and events taking place in the college. This way students can stay connected even outside their classes.

  1. Reminders

Students can find information about library books, magazines, and other reading materials and receive notifications of deadlines and dues. Students can also get fee reminders and deadlines for the courses and extracurricular activities they registered.

  1. Attendance

Students miss important events such as seminars, extra classes or extracurricular activities simply because of unchecked emails, flyers and notices. Expert texting can improve your attendance by notifying students of these events so they do not miss out and this also helps the teachers deliver more information to a potentially larger group of students.

The Administration

Running a higher education institute is extremely challenging, as an exponential amount of information is constantly transmitted. The administration has a ton of responsibilities which includes managing the staff, teachers and the students at the same time. Moreover, admissions marketing are also a principal task. Expert texting allows you to simplify all these tasks by using SMS technology to transmit information on and off campus, and the following ways are how the administration can use expert texting to ease their operations;

  1. Admission Promotion

The administration can send advertising texts to potential students promoting their courses and extracurricular activities. Many colleges use bulk SMS to promote their colleges in high schools, seminars and other student gatherings. Potential students can opt in to receive texts informing them about the benefits of joining their institutes, fee structure and other activities.

  1. Staff management

The administration can use transaction messages to inform teachers and staff for salary updates, board meetings and different task assignments. They can also send alerts for new policies, changes in staff and memos. Expert texting ensures the safest and most cost effective internal communication SMS for managing bodies and administration. Research indicates that majority of people check their phones every fifteen minutes indicating that the staff has received any update from the administration.

  1. Student management

The primary objective of the administration is to engage the students to their system. The best of student engagement is their cell phones via texting. The administration can use university texting services for a mountain of reasons which include Sending Students Marks list, Sending Exams reschedule update, attendance and emergencies. The managing body can reach out to individual students or groups informing them about important events such as job fairs, internships or even today’s lunch menu.

University texting services

We live in a modern age and cell phones are among the top sources of digital distraction in students. University texting services has the potential to change this problem into an opportunity for the education sector by using students’ addiction to cellphones for their benefit. This way we can ensure a higher probability of successful communication. Teachers can interact more efficiently with the students and internal communication amongst the administration can be much smoother and effortless.

Moreover, Expert Texting is now one of the leading SMS technology platforms in the world and seeing that education is the key to our future, we hope to make operations smoother for the education sector by providing cost effective communication solutions with rates that are hard to beat in the competitive world of SMS technology.

Many leading universities and colleges worldwide have joined Expert Texting to commence university texting services, saving time, energy and expenditure. So, feel free to contact us and become a member of Expert Texting.


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