Isn’t it ironic to witness that a profitable channel like SMS Marketing is being used by nonprofit organizations? Well, yes! Nonprofit text messaging is more propitious than we think.

A nonprofit organization can leverage nonprofit group texting services to overcome its communication barriers. Transparency is attained while using text messaging strategies and nonprofit organizations need to be trustworthy as entities, above all.

If we closely examine the marketing sphere, then text messaging marketing for nonprofit is by far the most comprehensive channel to practice. Welfare services are highly projected by non-profit networks through text messaging. As a result, most welfare organizations are using low cost bulk SMS for nonprofit just to make sure that they are in the driving seat.

SMS Marketing for nonprofit organizations need expansion. However, few social service organizations are stubborn enough to stick around conventional marketing. But today, leading nonprofit organizations are communicating via SMS and they are witnessing how fruitful this channel is to their cause.

Adaptability is the necessity of the modern era –  so we need to switch gears accordingly.


Spread awareness to the general public by sending them a text message.

A text message has an open rate of 96% which is a proof that your message will not be left unread.
So, empower people with social awareness. Low cost texting for nonprofit can highlight all the ongoing awareness programs and activities. Send bulk text messages on behalf of your nonprofit organization to the general public.

Most of the nonprofit outfits have adopted this strategy to ensure public interaction.


Despite the fact that a nonprofit organization is not indulged in the practice of generating money.
It is equally important to have your stakeholders on board.

Getting donors on board is easy using SMS marketing services for nonprofit organizations.
Stakeholders will cherish the amount of importance they are given through low cost nonprofit SMS marketing. Do make sure your text messaging strategy is directed towards your donors as well.
After all, they are the prime force behind your economic proceedings.

Today, all welfare organizations are striving hard to reach their stakeholders within a blink of an eye.
Only low cost SMS for nonprofit is a channel which facilitates nonprofit to provide a personal touch between the donors and the organization.


Volunteers play an eminent role in the course of running a nonprofit outfit.

Since a non-profit organization depends on donation, therefore it is vital to have volunteers within your workforce. SMS marketing for non-profits will enable you to spread the essence of your social and welfare intent.

Allow people to join hands with your non-profit organization. Induct all willing participants as Volunteers to run your social operations smoothly. Nonprofit text messaging will spread volunteer opportunities for the general public. No more door-to-door campaigns required for getting Volunteers.


There is no point denying the fact that collecting money is like getting meat out of a Lion’s mouth.

On the contrary, nonprofit outfits are dependent upon established organizations to give charity to them. Nowadays, most nonprofit outfits are using SHORT CODE marketing for fund raising campaigns.
Putting it more simply, you can use a short code with a keyword like “CHARITY” to which people can send back an SMS to donate.

Text message marketing for nonprofit is cost-effective and less time consuming as well. Rally up your support!
Fundraising has been earlier immensely burdensome. But today, with a single click funds can be transferred from anywhere to anyone.


If nonprofits are meant for the welfare of society, then no society can flourish without its people.

Draw attention of the general audience towards your welfare activities and invite them to your events, social gatherings, on-going projects etc. Mobilize people and promote your key features that can portray your nonprofit organization as someone who is working for the betterment of the society.

Nonprofit SMS marketing can allow you to send SMS blasts to a wider audience. Promotion of new campaigns or any upcoming event held by nonprofits can be done by SMS marketing for nonprofit.


Fire out reminders, weekly updates, and monthly milestones while using nonprofit SMS marketing.

Mass texting for nonprofit allows scheduling of alert messages. In other words, nonprofits can get authentic cell numbers to their database via low cost nonprofit alerts. Provide a subscriber ‘Signup’ option and increase your opt-in database.

Notify people about the seminars and conferences related to your organization.
Send bulk SMS alerts to your registered and non-registered members.


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