Antigua and Barbuda

Another oceanic paradise on Earth, the islands of Antigua and Barbuda is home to thousands of tourists every year. This means that restaurants, retail stores, and hotels among many other businesses are indeed in business with prospects all around them.

So, keep in touch with your visitors and customers even when they have returned to their homes and let them know of your latest offers so they can visit again. Experttexting gives you the freedom to text anywhere in the world so your customers are never too far for you to reach them.


We have direct connections with carriers in Antigua and Barbuda which means users can easily send messages across any networks. The most common networks we cover in Antigua and Barbuda are as follows;

  • Bulk SmsLIME

  • Bulk SmsiMobile

  • Bulk SmsDigicel

  • Free SMS API Access :

    Users can integrate with our service to send messages straight from their software or application. We support REST and SOAP based API for our users along with WP-SMS plugin.

  • Sender ID :


  • Unicode :

    This enables users to send messages in any language using Unicode characters.

  • Short code :

    Not available

  • Dedicated number :

    Not available

  • Texts Containing Hyperlinks :

    Messages containing links are allowed.

This allows users to quickly troubleshoot their SMS delivery status by unveiling the possible scenarios and guidelines which apply to that specific country that may cause delivery failure, delays, format changes and other errors.

SMS delivery failure or delay is caused by the following restrictions or reasons;

1) Message Delay

  • Network Delay :

    Messages are sent out instantly from our portal. However, there are some rare temporary delays from the networks due to network congestion. This may be due to some special trending events like holidays and notable events, etc. Messages are still delivered within 15 minutes.

2) Message Failed

  • Insufficient Balance :

    Please ensure that you have sufficient balance in your account to send messages according to your volume requirement.

Note :

If you have any other delivery issues, you can engage with our 24/7 live support team so we can diagnose and resolve them within no time.