The Brazil

Brazil is home to about 18 million businesses. About 60 percent of these businesses are in the small-medium categories. Considering the demographics, most local businesses operate within a limited area or city. Mass texting enables these businesses to expand and also maintain a healthy relationship with existing customers. It is a cost-effective marketing strategy with a market potential worth millions.

There are almost 250 million text enabled cell phone users and 198 million of these phones are smartphones. Thanks to the ease of communication and active developments in telecommunication, sectors such as tourism, food, and manufacturing can promote their products and services straight to the fingertips of the prospects. Experttexting gives you the platform to execute your business communication with the most reliable and efficient service.


We have direct connections with carriers in Brazil which means users can easily send messages across any networks. The most common networks we cover in Brazil are as follows;

  • Bulk SmsOi Movel

  • Bulk SmsCTBC


  • Bulk SmsAeiou

  • Bulk SmsNextel

  • Bulk SmsTIM

  • Bulk SmsVivo

  • Bulk SmsClaro

  • Free SMS API Access :

    Users can integrate with our service to send messages straight from their software or application. We support REST and SOAP based API for our users along with WP-SMS plugin.

  • Sender ID :

    Not Allowed.

  • Unicode :

    This enables users to send messages in any language using Unicode characters. You can send messages from our platform in multiple languages.

  • Short code :

    Short code service is one of our premium services used commonly for one-way promotional traffic in Brazil. Customers are assigned dedicated short codes according to their requirement. You can engage our live chat support to set up short code services according to your requirement. The standard charge per text using short code is $0.023.

  • Long code :

    Long code is used for transactional traffic or P2P communication in Brazil. Uses can execute both one-way and two-way communication with customers or clients.

  • Dedicated Number :

    Available on request

  • Texts Containing Hyperlinks :

    Messages containing links are allowed only on short code.

This allows users to quickly troubleshoot their SMS delivery status by unveiling the possible scenarios and guidelines which apply to that specific country that may cause delivery failure, delays, format changes and other errors.

SMS delivery failure or delay is caused by the following restrictions or reasons;

1) Message Delay

  • Network Delay :

    Messages are sent out instantly from our portal. However, there are some rare temporary delays from the networks due to network congestion. This may be due to some special trending events like holidays and notable events, etc. Messages are still delivered within 15 minutes.

2) Message Failed

  • Insufficient Balance :

    Please ensure that you have sufficient balance in your account to send messages according to your volume requirement.

  • Carrier Spam Filter :

    Messages should be sent out according to their use case. Marketing messages or illegal content are usually filtered out by the carriers if you use long code to send them out. This is why you should use short code for this type of traffic.

Note :

If you have any other delivery issues, you can engage with our 24/7 live support team so we can diagnose and resolve them within no time.