ExpertTexting Official WordPress SMS Plugin

ExpertTexting is proud to announce its official WordPress SMS plugin. Here is everything you should know about the WordPress plugin and its abilities.

The ExpertTexting SMS plugin gives WordPress the ability to send text messages in different scenarios. The ExpertTexting plugin is free. However, you will need an ExpertTexting account to send messages. Read on to know more about the ExpertTexting SMS plugin details.

What is a WordPress plugin?

A WordPress plugin is software that adds functionality and more features to a WordPress website. Plugins make it easier for people to bring features of one software to WordPress without knowing or using coding.
ExpertTexting has introduced its official SMS plugin for WordPress. With this plugin, WordPress users can send SMS notifications to other users or subscribers. Moreover, admins can receive SMS notifications when a new activity logs into their account.
Here is everything you need to know about the ExpertTexting WordPress SMS plugin.

What can you do with the ExpertTexting SMS plugin?

The ExpertTexting plugin gives your WordPress the ability to send SMS notifications to your subscribers and users. Moreover, you can also receive notifications when there is an activity on your WordPress account.

The plugin is free of cost. You only need an account on ExpertTexting. Watch the video below to know how you can get started with ExpertTexting.

Features of the ExpertTexting plugin on WordPress

The ExpertTexting plugin comes with plenty of different features. Here are a few of them
  • Send SMS to your WordPress subscribers, users, and other numbers in your database.
  • Send SMS notifications to the subscribers and users
  • Receive SMS notifications as an admin when an activity takes place on your account
  • Send SMS notifications to subscribers on a new post
  • Get a supported WP widget to build your SMS newsletter subscriber list
  • Supported WordPress actions
  • Integrate with contact form 7 to receive SMS notifications when a new message is received through website forms
  • Integrate with WooCommerce to receive SMS notifications when a new order is placed
  • Integrate with easy digital downloads to receive SMS notifications when a new order is placed

How to get started with the ExpertTexting plugin?

Here is how you can begin using your ExpertTexting plugin on WordPress
  • If you do not have an ExpertTexting account create an account here
  • Go to WordPress Plugins and search for ExpertTexting
  • Download and Install the ExpertTexting plugin for free

That’s it! You can now use the ExpertTexting plugin.