Build your Church Audience Organically

Churches are not a very popular place to go to in the 21st century. There are lot of reasons for this aside from not following a certain religion. A decline in the presence of churches causes a serious loss to the community. As a pastor, if you are worried about how you can have a bigger church audience, then we have the answers for you.

Before that, let us discuss why people go to churches.

Reasons for going to churches

While matters of religion are tricky, a lot of people prefer going to the church. The following are a few insights to help you understand why people opt for it.

  1. Solace
    Regardless of beliefs, a lot of people find solace in attending churches. They reek of purity and divinity that helps give a break amid the stress of life. In research among US adults, 66% of people said that they went to the church “for comfort in times of sorrow/trouble”.
  2. Morality
    Pew Research’s stats show that 69% of US adults go to church to help the upbringing of their children. Churches tend to have a ground for morality and human ethics. The idea that religion teaches hate implies here. Hence, regardless of how big people are on faith, parents teach their children morality with the help of churches.

    However, morality does not stand here only. About 68% of people claimed that they go to church to become a better person. Every human being finds themselves in a moral every once in a while. To believe in the goodness of life, adults attend churches.
  3. Sermons
    The church is not only for reasons here and there. 59% of US Adults found churches to have great sermons. Sermons which they find pleasing and valuable. 

All this brings us to the question;

Why people do not attend churches?

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  1. They do not like the sermons
    In the same research by Pew, 18% of people stated that they do not find the sermons insightful. Hence, they prefer not to go to church.
  2. They do not feel welcome
    14% of US adults state that they do not feel welcome at churches. The reason was not clear. However, it can be because of discrimination or lack of church hospitality.
  3. Time
    In a busy world, 12% of people exclaimed that they simply did not have time to go to the church. Spending a couple of hours in churches is the last place they feel they need to be.

Grow your church audience

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Now that we have the statistics and the reasons, let us explore ways of inviting people to the churches.

  1. Hospitality towards the Church Audience
    While churches may not intend to be unwelcome, 14% of people still claim that they do not feel welcome. Make some extra effort to ensure that people feel comfortable, especially when they are new. One of the best ways is to ask them if they would like additional insights through emails and text messages. With this method, you can help them ease into religion and keep a tab on them at the same time.
  2. Make sessions faster
    12% of people found it difficult to make time for church. While you cannot personally go to everyone and manage their schedule, you can work to reduce the time they have to spend at the church. The best thing to do is to reduce sermon times. Long hours of sermons never get into the mind and people run away from them.

    However, if you feel that reducing sermon times is difficult then you can make them more engaging. Engaging sermons make people feel that the time they spend is worth it. Moreover, you can tell via text message marketing the time of the sermon on a particular day.
  3. Text Message marketing
    One of the best ways to invite people is through consensual text message marketing. Invite people with text messages. Tell them what they can expect in their upcoming visit.

    ExpertTexting is one of the best ways to reach out to the masses through text messaging. With features such as being the most affordable, you can make a difference with your church audience. Try it with a free trial.
  4. Welcome feedback
    Another great way to welcome people is to use methods like text messaging to ask for feedback. You can use surveys or a simple feedback form hyperlinked in your text messages.

    Do not just ask for it, work on it. Ensure that your audience knows that they are heard and their suggestions are implemented to the best of your knowledge.

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