Why is SMS Marketing Not Dying?

Many people buy into the news that text messaging is declining. Not many people text their peers anymore when they have WhatsApp or iMessage, using which they can do it for free. While people are growing to love instant messaging apps and social media, text messaging is rapidly growing as an application to the peer platform. So much so, that it is now the go-to channel for business-to-business and business-to-consumer communication in the form of SMS Marketing. This is because application to peer texting is different due to the fact that it addresses all consumers regardless of what phone they’re using.

Here are the main reasons why SMS marketing isn’t going anywhere for a long time;

1. Text Messaging is a Standard Feature

Texting and calling are the two basic features of any cell phone and will remain the two core products of digital communication. Everything else on a cellphone comes after. So, whether you own an iPhone or Nokia 3310, you can receive a text message. You don’t need to create an account or install an application or require an internet connection.

2. Many People Still Use Feature Phones

Apps like WhatsApp, BBM and iMessage don’t work unless you own a smartphone so how will you communicate with someone who has a feature phone? With SMS marketing, you can reach anyone, regardless of what phone they use. This is why businesses are considering it the most cost-effective channel and still believe that it is a technology that came way ahead of its time.

3. It’s the Future

Texting eliminates the need to send emails or call people thereby saving time, money and resources. Businesses realize that today’s youth are tomorrow’s purchasers and considering that Millennials and Gen Z are immersed in texting, SMS marketing seems only logical. And why not? Text messaging is fast, cheap and has an amazing response rate. Plus, people have been using it for over three decades, so businesses sending out mass texting campaigns Text shouldn’t have much to worry about as long as they follow the rules.

4. Statistics Don’t Lie

Even after almost three decades since its inception, SMS marketing’s statistics are unmatched by any other channel. SMS is 6-8 times more engaging than email. It has an average open rate of 98%. 7 out of 10 people said they prefer to receive offers via text message rather than emails or calls. Emails are usually missed or go to spam while most calls go unanswered especially during business hours when people are at work.

Modern SMS Marketing Use Cases

Texting messaging isn’t dying. It’s evolving and today, it has so many different applications. Sure, a lot of people have moved on to instant apps but no one can deny that they still text regularly. The idea of text messaging was to quickly exchange information rather than have conversations so on that front, it still serves its purpose even today. Here are some modern use cases of SMS marketing;

  1. Sales Promotion
  2. Customer Service
  3. Crisis Communication and Emergency Alerts
  4. Staff Communication
  5. 2-Factor Authentication

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