What is Application to person messaaging?

What is Application to Person (A2P) Messaging?

Typically, sending out messages falls under the A2P or P2P categories. P2P communication is peer-to-peer. It is a two-way street where two humans message each other for personal reasons. However, application to person messaging is the second kind. This kind of messaging is when a person receives a message from an application or a computer. Let us learn all about Application person messaging.

What is A2P messaging?

A2P messaging is when a computerized application sends messages to a person. These include sending mass texts for business marketing or promotions. Moreover, you can send reminders, updates, and OTPs. Similarly, Two-factor authentications are also supported. Nevertheless, the limits to A2P messaging are quite wide and are used all over.

How do businesses use A2P messaging?

The growing popularity of A2P messaging allows businesses to send marketing messages to consumers with the click of a button. Hence, a third-party service is needed. An efficient tool like ExpertTexting allows you to send A2P messages at convenient and affordable pricing. Moreover, you can track all your messages with this tool.

The use of A2P messaging is virtually in almost all industries. Industries like travel, restaurants, bars, automotive, schools, and even churches use A2P services from ExpertTexting.

Businesses use A2P messaging for several different reasons. Here are a few of them.

  1. Sending Marketing Campaigns
  2. Using two-factor authentication for added account security
  3. Sending business and event updates
  4. Sending time-sensitive alerts
  5. Alerting with emergency messages
  6. Using promotions for customer retention and loyalty
  7. Making bookings and appointments
  8. Sending reminders for the presence
  9. Sending notifications
  10. Asking for donations

The possibilities are close to endless.

How does A2P messaging work?

A2P messaging requires you to use a text messaging service like ExpertTexting. Ensure that you abide by all text messaging laws to use this service. Sending an application-to-person person text is easy with ExpertTexting. Follow these simple steps.

  1. Signup to ExpertTexting
  2. Go under groups and make a new group of contacts.
  3. Go under campaigns and compose a new campaign.
  4. Send your message. Additionally, you can schedule it for a later time and date.

Your customers will receive the message as a regular text message. Moreover, you can track your sent messages, responses, and your stats.  

The New A2P Textable Number

To help make things smoother, a new dedicated textable number for Application to Person messaging is releasing. The number will be 10 digits long with a regional code to make it look more organic. Moreover, it has a throughput of up to 30 TPS and is perfect for high-volume messaging needs.

With the release of the new dedicated textable number, shared shortcodes will shut down. While shared shortcodes were A2P, they were bringing a bigger security risk. They were harder to track for Network Carriers, which increased the risk of smishing and spamming.

ExpertTexting has launched the dedicated textable number on available networks. You can signup today to get your A2P texting started.

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