Best Real Estate Text Messages to Send

Best Real Estate Text Messages to Send

Even if you have a full subscriber list, sending the Best Real Estate Text Messages can get you in a pickle. The truth is that real estate marketing is quite tricky. You need to have an interactive medium to reach out to the buyers and the interested people. Even though realtors usually use emails, they are still inefficient. Important emails tend to bury in the hundreds of other emails that follow.

If you are wondering how text messages can solve your problem, then this guide is for you. Here you can find out how can make a significant difference in communication with mass texting.  

How does texting help in real estate?

ExpertTexting caters to several real estate agents. We have seen them make use of mass texting and get noticeable changes. The following are the top reasons why mass texting seems to work in real estate.

  • Precise

    Perhaps the biggest reason why texts work is that they are precise. Generally, the character count for one text is only about 160 characters. You can either say everything in precision. Alternatively, you can use ExpertTexting to send up to 800 characters at once for a longer message. Regardless, text messages are the most to the point.

  • Less robotic

    Another reason why texts work for real estate is that they are less robotic. The introduction of the new 10 digit textable number makes even more of a point.  These numbers look organic and less automated. Texts are already an easy way of communication. Using a friendly and conversational tone helps make them even more organic. Hence, people tend to reply.

  • Personalized

    Sometimes your audience can catch that your message is a mass text. While they knew what they are signing up for, they may not find it special enough to respond. ExpertTexting allows you to set custom fields to personalize these messages. One of the advantages of getting personalized messages is that they seem custom-made and increase value. However, another important aspect to them is setting custom timings or other information to match what your audience wants.

  • Communication

    Most people prefer communication of texts rather than making calls or sending emails. Mass texting allows you to communicate with your leads as well. When you use a service like ExpertTexting, you can enable two-way communication. With this feature, you can receive replies from your subscribers as well. Moreover, you can begin conversations that can help them become buyers.

Things to Add in Messages

If you are wondering how you can approach your audience, then here are a couple of ideas for crafting your text messages.

  1. Collect Basic Information

    As soon as one opts into your list, you need to gather some information. ExpertTexting allows you to send a custom welcome message. You can customize this message to welcome them and request some basic information from them. The quick way to gather information is convenient and works best to cater to the needs of your new lead.

  2. Confirmation message

    If your subscriber comes through a form or a website widget, then you already have the information. Make sure you have a confirmation message ready for it to go out. ExpertTexting allows you to place a widget on your website easily. Moreover, followed by the signup, an automatic message sends out. You can customize it as per your requirements.  Make your tone conversational and friendly. You can also ask them to send a message in case they need assistance.

  3. Answer questions

    The best way to use mass texting is for communication with your prospective clients. However, if you want to take it a step ahead, then use a service like ExpertTexting. ExpertTexting allows you to enable two-way communication.  With this feature, clients can respond to you and reach out if they have questions. Moreover, you can reply to them and keep the responses to track other prospects of the business. Using texting in this way helps make it easy for clients and makes your approach more proactive.

  4. Follow up

    Holding open houses is the most common thing for realtors. However, when you do, make sure to collect numbers for texting there. Ensure that these numbers know what they are signing up for as this is required by law. After the open house, send a mass text to your new list. Follow up with them if they have any questions. The best way to go about it is to send messages and let them know that you can answer any questions for them. Once you begin a conversation, you can also help make them your new clients.

  5. Price change alerts

    Why do people not get the property that they fall in love with? The answer is simple, it’s not in their budget! If your client fell in love with a property and they did not get it then, this uses mass texting. As soon as the price goes down, send a message to tell them instantly. ExpertTexting allows you to make a group of interested people and send a campaign to them. They can simply respond to the message and you can begin your process.

    Sometimes, interested parties take their good time to make a decision as well. The demand and supply economics the price to rise amidst this time. Hence, if you have information about the price going up at this time, then you should send a message to these clients. Tell them this instead of warning them. Keep your communication tone friendly, and factual. Make sure to keep an open-end for them to begin communication.

  6. Make dormant leads active again

    A lot of times, people look for houses and properties, but for one reason or the other, they stop their search. You need to know where you stand with your clients. Simply manage your database by making a group of the dormant leads in your list with ExpertTexting. You can add custom fields like their first name and other details.

    Simply send them a text blast and ask them if they are still interested. Once you have their reply, you can manage accordingly.

  7. Confirmation texts

    Nothing makes your day more than a good news text. Especially, when you are looking to get your own house. Once the offer goes through, make sure to send a confirmation and congratulatory text to your client.

Begin sending messages with ExpertTexting

Mass texting is one of the best ways to reach out to your audience. ExpertTexting is your one-stop solution to all your mass texting needs. You can personalize your messages, manage contacts in groups, and now, you can even send MMS with our Beta version. Sign up today!

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