Text Marketing for Dry Cleaners

Text Marketing for Dry Cleaners

Market research suggests that in 2020, the United States generated about 9 billion dollars in revenue in the dry-cleaning industry. This means that this is a growing industry and will continue to grow as long as there is a textile and clothing industry. Like other industries, one of the main objectives is to retain customers and create loyalty. This is why we suggest text marketing for dry cleaners.

Research suggests that most people choose their dry cleaners according to the proximity of home and work. As soon as they make a change, they can switch their cleaners. If you have a strong customer retention plan, then you can retain your customer either way. This is because another research showed that customers prefer to stick to the dry cleaners that provide value for money and exceptional service.

In this guide, we will tell you how you can make your dry-cleaning business worthy enough for customers to travel those extra miles for your business service.

How Can Dry Cleaners Use Texts?

Texting has a very high open rate of 98%. Texting is a way of direct marketing and the most effective one at that. The reason is that it is based on permission. Hence, the people you send messages to, are the ones that have explicitly allowed it and are interested in receiving messages.

Moreover, texts are never removed from your sight unless the recipient chooses to delete them. Hence, any information in text messages is saved for a long time. This makes texting very convenient as a marketing strategy and in general.

When using texting as a marketing strategy, it is important to remember the points of convenience that it brings. Here is how you can use texts and all their benefits to your advantage.

Pickup alerts

One of the most important ways to use texts for dry cleaners is for pickup alerts. Instead of calling and receiving calls, have the option to send messages once your dry cleaning is ready for pickup. This will help the receiver know when they can pick it up and plan their conveyance accordingly.

Furthermore, it helps you stay clutter-free and clean too. You can keep all the dry cleaning ready to give for the day. The customers whose laundry is supposed to be picked up another day can go in the back.

If you use a service like ExpertTexting, then you can take advantage of its benefits. ExpertTexting allows you to enable two-way messaging with inbound messages free. This allows you to receive and hold one on one conversations with your customers. To help with this, ExpertTexting has a conversational style inbox as well. watch the video below to learn about the conversational style inbox.

Lost and Found

A lot of times dry cleaners can lose clothes. Of course, that is trouble. However, to inform of lost and found, you can use text messaging. This allows your customer to have easy communication and access to the issue at hand, you can communicate with them via text messages.

This fact covers up your mistake and makes customers realize that you provide value for money to your customers.

Send coupons

One of the best ways to retain clients is through coupons and discounts. If you want a legit way to grow your customers, you can always offer additional discounts and exclusive offers for people that have your number.

Textable coupons are one of the easiest ways to send coupons. These work best because they stay with the recipient in their phones unless deleted. This is coming a long way from the junk that comes with physical coupons.

You can also set up your welcome text message to give a special promo code for signing up. This makes an incentive for the customers to opt into your list. Once they are part of your list, you can send them promotional messages as well.

To know more about textable coupons, click on the image below.


Providing value for money is one of the most important things you can do for customer retention. Non-promotional messages provide value for money. One way to give something extra is to send laundry tips.

Small gestures like tips to remove fresh coffee stains, or how to wash jeans at home are a good idea. This helps customers with daily chores. Moreover, it helps them remember the business without being throttled by promotions in their face.

Delivery alerts

Texting helps you give out time-sensitive information as well. If you offer a delivery service then you can use texting to send out alerts. Text an update to your customers when your clothes are ready for delivery. This allows them to text you back in case they are not available and you can save your time.

If you offer cash on delivery, you can also mention the total so that the customer is ready with the money.  

Order notifications

Speaking of delivery alerts, if you take the pickup and drop-off order online, then you can manage the notifications on orders as well.

ExpertTexting has an API to make your system more automated. Simply integrate it into your booking software or website to send out messages automatically when a trigger is set off.

If you do not want to use an API interface, then you can manage it manually as well. Simply ask customers to text you when they want their clothes to be picked up. You can send all other details over text messages we well.

Begin text marketing for dry cleaners with ExpertTexting

ExpertTexting is your one-stop solution to text marketing for dry cleaners. With ExpertTexting you can send personalized messages, schedule messages, and even set up recurring messages. All this and more at a pay-as-you-go pricing. This allows you to save money on annual and monthly plans that waste money.

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