Set up Text Queue Management system

Set up Text Queue Management system

A study showed that Americans spend an average of 37 billion hours waiting in line each year collectively. These unproductive hours are not only a nuisance to the person who waits, but also to the business owners. The lack of retention in consumers is making waiting in queues cost more than just time. Another study reported that 25% will not wait for more than two minutes in a line. 59% would not wait for more than four minutes. And 73% of consumers will abandon purchases if they had to wait in line for more than five minutes. To work around this, we will talk about the text queue management system.

Mass texting is more than just text marketing or sending promotions or reminders. You can also use mass texting to manage your queues and save money on abandoned customers. Over the years, many businesses have made queueing more virtual than in-person. Even ExpertTexting reduces your queues on phone calls by giving you a call-back option.

Let us talk about how you can also make a difference in your business with texting.

Why Use a Text Queue Management System?

Before we talk about how you can set up a text management system, let us talk about the importance and benefits.

One of the best and biggest examples of the success of using a text queue management system is the Walt Disney World. The theme park has several rides where you can enter over an application and they update you via text messages. This makes the experience more memorable. People generally go for dining, take pictures, or do other things while they wait for their text message. This helps do the following.

  1. Reduce wait time and effort
  2. Consumers can focus on other things
  3. Less chance of businesses lost because of waiting
  4. Better customer service

None of the things mentioned above are bad for a business. When you incorporate a texting system, you can help save yourself from abandoning customers and from business losses.

How to Set Up a Text Queue Management System with ExpertTexting

ExpertTexting gives you two easy ways to set up your queue management system.

Use ExpertTexting API

ExpertTexting has its own API. If you have reservation, booking, or ticket software, you can integrate our API into it. Triggers help send out messages in an instant. The automation will help you manage lines virtually.

ExpertTexting has detailed API documentation to help you understand how you can use the API. Moreover, the user-friendly database makes the API much easier to use. Once you have that in, you can set up your virtual queue.

Set up a keyword

If you are looking for something less techy, then setting up a keyword, QR code, signup widget, or even click to join is the perfect way for you. A keyword is a short phrase or word that is about four to eleven characters long without special characters. When the users send this keyword to your business, they become a part of your list.

If you choose to make your list queue list then you can use a keyword like QUEUE. Click on the image below to learn how to pick the perfect keyword.

How to Pick Your Keyword Perfectly

Once you have your keyword, you can make a QR code for it. Simply advertise either one (or both) to help someone stand in a virtual queue. On the back end, with ExpertTexting’s conversational view inbox, you can easily see the time stamp. According to that, text the person when it is their turn.

Every time someone sends the keyword, they get an automatic message. This message allows them to confirm their standing in a queue.

Another way is to use the QR code. The QR code is an easy way to scan and join the keyword. Simply place it near the checkout for people to scan and become a part of the virtual line.

If you have heavy foot traffic and want to convert it to a virtual queuing system, then click to join buttons are for you. You can create a click to join button against your keyword and place it on your website. With a simple click, users can be a part of your queue. This helps in reducing errors and converting your web traffic.

Another way to convert your web traffic is to use the signup widget form. Simply design it and place it on your website with ExpertTexting’s tool. When a person enters your website, they can simply fill in the information on the form and be a part of the line.

Get started with ExpertTexting

ExpertTexting allows you to give value for money to your customers. With simple everyday solutions like this, you can amp up your business service. These small but important changes help reduce losses in businesses by ensuring customer satisfaction. Begin with ExpertTexting at a simple, no contract, pay-as-you-go service. 

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