Start Sending A Text message Newsletter

Start Sending A Text message Newsletter

A study showed that 29% of space in inboxes is taken up by newsletters. This makes up more than any other kind of email including promotional and transactional emails. You see, newsletters are important. These especially include newsletters from non-profit organizations. They are a way to show what the organization is up to and where it stands. However, with email explosions, these are ignored. If you wish to send out your newsletter then start sending a text message newsletter.

Text message newsletters are exactly what they sound like. They are newsletters that you can over text messages. However, they go only to the people that want them. Since text message marketing is based on permission, the people that get these messages are interested in knowing about you. Moreover, they permitted you to receive messages about your business or organization. This is why a text message newsletter works much better than email newsletters.

In this guide, you will learn about text message newsletters.

Why Send a Text Message Newsletter?

Newsletters are a strong way to connect with your customers. Here are why text message newsletters are a game-changer for your business.

  • Higher engagement rate

    One of the biggest advantages of sending newsletters via text messages is the high engagement rate. A study showed that text messages have six to eight times more engagement than emails. This means that your newsletters can perform better.

  • Easy to approach

    Smartphones make it very easy to approach everything. Sending text newsletters to allow people to save it on their phone and read it another time. The message saves automatically on the phone. This means that if they do not want to save the newsletter, they can access it anytime from their messages. This makes your newsletter more approachable whenever the reader wants it.

  • Manage the click-through rate

    If you use ExpertTexting to send out your newsletter, then you get an upper hand. ExpertTexting allows you to use link shortener to shorten the link to fewer characters. Moreover, this link becomes easy to track. You can see how many people clicked on the link. This allows you to manage your newsletter better.

Types Of Text Message Newsletters

Before we move to read how you can send newsletters, you should know the types. There are three ways to send a text message newsletter through ExpertTexting.

  1. Send a message of the email you sent

    If you send your newsletter by email, then sending a message updating it can increase the open rate. The open rate of emails is only 18% while texts go as high as 98%. However, if you prefer sending the newsletter by email then drop a message so your audience can view the email.

  2. Send a link

    If you want a better option, then sending a text to download link is one of the best ways you can send your newsletter. Simply add a link to the newsletter. With ExpertTexting you can use the link shortening feature to reduce character count. Moreover, you can track the click-through rate. Watch the video below to know more about link shortening.

Make Your Text Message Newsletter Subscribers List

If you want to switch from email newsletters to text message newsletters, then you need permission. Text messaging laws require you to have prior express consent before sending messages to people. Do not worry about getting this permission. ExpertTexting makes it easy to make your subscriber list. Here is how you can make your list.

  1. Create your keyword

    The best way to go about is to make your keyword. Your keyword is a short phrase or word of 4-11 characters excluding special characters.  When a subscriber messages this keyword to your number, they are automatically added to a group of that keyword. This allows you to manage your groups and send messages to people that want newsletters.

    Put this keyword on every channel you can think of. Once people subscribe to your keyword, you can send them text message newsletters easily. Creating keywords especially for newsletters allows your newsletter to reach only the interested people.

  2. QR Code

    QR codes are another way you can create your list. Each QR code is made against a keyword. This allows users to scan and simply be a part of the keyword group. ExpertTexting allows you to create a QR code against every keyword.

    Just like keywords, you can simply advertise them on all traditional channels. All your audience has to do is scan to subscribe.

  3. Signup widget

    Signup widgets are another tool by ExpertTexting. This is a form that you can place on your website. Instead of spending hours coding to make the form, ExpertTexting allows you to make the perfect form. You can simply copy and paste the code to your website.

    Signup widgets help convert your web traffic to your subscribers. You can place it on your website to allow people to sign-up.

  4. Click to join

    The fourth way ExpertTexting helps you is through the click to join button. This button is made against a keyword as well. You can design it as per your requirements and copy the code to your website where you want to place the button.

    Since up to 70% of web traffic is through mobile phones, you can use this button easily. When a person clicks on this button, their default messaging app opens. This comes with a pre-drafted and pre-addressed text message. All they have to do is click send to be a part of the list. A click to join button helps you convert your web traffic to your newsletter subscriber. Watch the video to know more about click to join.

Send A Text Message Newsletter with ExpertTexting

ExpertTexting is a mass texting platform that makes sending a text message newsletter easy. With ExpertTexting you can manage groups to make sending mass texting more targeted and easier. ExpertTexting charges you as you go. This allows you to never waste your credits and only pay for what you use.

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