Using Text to Download for Marketing

Using Text to Download for Marketing

It takes months and sometimes even years to develop an app. It comes with a lot of hard work, a lot of money put in, and a lot of effort. Moreover, you have to perfect it and fix random bugs all the time. After all the efforts that you put in, if people do not download your app, everything can go down the drain. While advertising your application traditionally is a great way, what works even better is text to download. Text to download does not limit itself to applications. There is a lot you can do with this feature.

In this comprehensive guide, we will tell you all about text to download and how you can use it for your text marketing needs.

What is text to download

Text to download is a marketing service that falls under the text marketing category. With this approach, users can text a particular number to download an application, document, pictures, or more. However, the most common use of this feature is with the application.

The sender usually sends a link in the text message. The link is clickable and it redirects the user to their application store or even a webpage. From there it is a one-stop solution to download. Text to download is not a new concept. However, it proves to be more efficient time and time again.

Why should you use text to download?

Text to download is one of the most efficient marketing strategies to increase downloads. It is almost like when you introduce a new product or service for your business. Ideally, you want people to find out about it themselves or through word-of-mouth. However, practically, you have to use marketing strategies to get a kick start. Once you have customers, it is upon your product or service to ensure retention. The retention is only going to be as good as what you offer.

Similarly, when you create an application, you have to market it. People tend to put up their applications in newspapers, magazines, blogs, and other places. However, text marketing proves, once again, more efficient. Since the open rate is over 95%, it is hard to miss. Moreover, since text marketing is an omnichannel way of marketing, it allows you to link almost any other platform. If you use ExpertTexting for it, then it becomes even easier. Simply use the link shortening feature to compress a URL to fewer characters. Moreover, you can then begin tracking the click-through rate of the link as well. Here is a video on how you can use the link shortening feature.

Here are the top reasons why you should use text to download.

  1. Increases downloads
  2. Save time
  3. Collect feedback
  4. Use the numbers later on

Increases downloads

A reason bigger than anything else is that you get more downloads. This is perhaps the ultimate reason for using this feature. The reason is that text marketing is more efficient than regular marketing methods. The open rate is very high and people tend to respond to text messages roughly within 90 seconds of receiving them. In contrast, emails take about 90 minutes before you can get a response or action. Hence, you can actually up the number of downloads on your links.

Save time

One of the best reasons to use texting to promote your downloads is because it saves time and effort. Not for you, but for your target audience. When you advertise on other channels, you invite people to make the effort. They will have to go to a particular link and toggle around for a while before they download. You may lose your potential lead download in the process. Moreover, you are relying on their power of retention to go back and make the effort.

Against that, text marketing makes it a breeze. Simply add a link in the message and all they have to do is tap on their screen. The link will take them directly where they can download and they are good to go. You do not have to rely on their memory retention. Receivers can make instant decisions. Since most people carry smartphones, they can directly use the link then-and-there.

Collect feedback

When you send your link for people to download, you get more than just clicks and downloads. You can do so much more later on. With ExpertTexting, you can track the click-through rate of the link. Moreover, you can set up an API to send messages on prompt. Hence, whenever someone downloads your application, or whatever you set out, you can send them a thank you.

To help your business even more, when you thank them, request feedback too. Feedback is important for both the business and the customers. For the business, you can always check where you lack and what people think about you. About nine out of ten customers read at least four reviews before making a purchase – or even a decision to download. Without reviews, you may lose a big chunk of your audience. Hence, ask your customers to write reviews on your application. And maybe, offer an incentive in return?

Use the numbers later on

When people send you a message for a download link, you get their number. However, you cannot use this number for sending them marketing messages and promotions. Instead, in your message, you can tell them that against their action they may receive messages in the future. ExpertTexting defaults the frequency of messages so that the subscriber knows. Moreover, we give the default option of opting out of the list whenever the customer wants.

However, if the user does not opt-out and agrees to receive messages, you can grow your list and legally enjoy text marketing.

How to use text to download with ExpertTexting

ExpertTexting is a mass texting service that allows you to send messages reliably. One of the ways ExpertTexting caters to you is with text to download. Follow these simple steps to begin your text-to-download with ExpertTexting.

Step 1: Log in to your ExpertTexting account.

Step 2: Go under the ‘keywords’ tab on the left side of the page. You can now select your keyword for people to text you.

Step 3: After you pick your keyword, you can select the message that goes out. This is usually a welcome message. However, since you are using text to download, you can add the link for downloading.

Once you have all this done, simply start advertising your keyword. You can also use the ExpertTexting feature to create a QR code for your keyword. Simply ask people to scan the QR code to download.

Use cases for text to download

You can use text to download for a lot of reasons. Here a couple of them.

  1. Apps

    The most common use for this feature is for applications. Simply send the link with the link to the app store. When your audience receives the link, they can simply click on it to begin installation on their phones.
  2. Newsletters

    Nonprofit organizations, schools, and even churches usually send out newsletters. Instead of wasting paper and resources, you can make e-newsletters. Add the link of download and you are good to go. Smartphones can easily accommodate your newsletters.

  3. Schedules

    For businesses that use mass texting for internal communication will love this feature. If you think that setting schedules on texts directly is cumbersome, use downloadable links. Add them to the message and you are good to go. With ExpertTexting you can track the links and know how many people clicked on them and got the message.

  4. B2B

    Businesses that use mass texting to connect with their clients can also make use of this feature. You can send your invoices and other details via links.  


The limitations for sending downloadable links are almost endless. Begin text to download with ExpertTexting today!

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