How to manage your unsubscribe rate

How to Manage Your Unsubscribe Rate

Text messaging has revolutionized marketing. It does not require having a special application or anything to receive. Moreover, text marketing generates the quickest return of investment compared to traditional advertising. Traditional advertising requires settling the concept in the minds before you can make an action. However, with text messaging, customers can make instant decisions. One of those decisions is unsubscribing. In this guide, we will learn how to manage your unsubscribe rate.

When you send out mass texts, the receiver has the right to opt-out with a simple reply. While this is a good thing for the consumer, it may not be best for the business. Imagine spending time and money on sending a message and you get canceled in return. Let us see how you can manage this rate better.

Find out patterns

The first thing to do is to observe the pattern of your unsubscribe rate. You may think you are doing everything right, but your opt-out ratio is much higher than usual. While you cannot get rid of it entirely, you may be able to find out why it is the case. For marketers, the ‘opt out’ rate is not only a number. It is a bunch of customers that chose to distance themselves from the brand. Hence, you need to make ample judgments.

  1. Cyclic patterns

    Cyclic patterns are the rise and fall in the data that you are studying. Keeping this in mind, look for a pattern when opt-outs are the most in your messages. They may seasonal or for another reason. A common pattern is if your subscriber list is because of an offer. They may opt-in in return for an investment. However, when customers stop getting them, they opt-out. Another common reason is that your audience may change. You need to know your customers and do some research every once in a while, to ensure that you are on track.
  2. Types of messages

    Another way of tracking patterns is with the type of messages. You may not be using ample language. Similarly, your messages may be very long or even very short. You can also judge the genre of your messages. Does your unsubscribe rate become higher when you send promotions? Does it drop when you send promotions? To manage this pattern, the best way is to switch up the messages occasionally. Monotony is not your friend.

Tracking patterns is not a one-time thing. You have to take time and show patience. Moreover, you may have to try a few things before you settle for a pattern.

Ways you can manage your unsubscribe rate

Contrary to popular belief, opt-outs are not a bad thing only. Having no opt-outs can show that your audience is dead. An acceptable unsubscribe rate helps filter out high intent audiences to the uninterested ones. However, if your rate goes to an unacceptable rate, then here are a few ways you can manage it.

  1. Timings

    One of the worst things that can happen to someone is to get a message amid the night. Similarly, it can be annoying getting messages during work hours. Find the best time to send out messages. You do not even have to do anything but schedule messages for that time. To find the best time, you need to make efforts in knowing your customers.

  2. Frequency of messaging

    Imagine getting tons of messages from one brand every day! Will you not be annoyed and choose to opt-out? To manage your unsubscribe rate, you need to balance your frequency. Do not be so rare that people forget about you. Additionally, do not be so frequent that they choose to report you as spam. Moreover, communicate with your list when they opt-in. Tell them how often they should expect messages from you.
  3. Relevancy

    Your messages should always have relevance. Your customers opted in for a reason. If you take that away from them, they will leave you! Ensure that you do not use text marketing as a way to keep annoying your customers. Show them respect and send messages that concern your business only.
  4. Language

    Another very important factor in text marketing is the language. Keep your language, simple, decent, and easy to understand. Each message should represent your brand in a positive light. Set a tone for your business and use the same kind of language. Always make sure never to say anything that may be offensive to a group of people.
  5. Customer service

    If you are doing everything right, but still your unsubscribe rate is unacceptable, then work on customer service. Customer service via text messaging and even traditionally allows people to voice their complaints. Moreover, you can know firsthand where you lack and how you can fix it.

To conclude

To manage your unsubscribe rate, you have to be mindful of your patterns and your customer behavior. With ExpertTexting, you can see the ratio of people that opted out on a certain campaign. Begin now to send mass texts at a one-third price of what others offer.

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