Mass Texting Mistakes to Avoid

Mass Texting Mistakes to Avoid

Text message marketing is a channel that every business should use. This type of marketing allows you to reach your audience more efficiently. Traditional advertising methods rely on the retention of customers. However, text marketing ensures instant replies and even quicker reactions to promotions and offers. Hence, the high ROI. However, there are a few common mass texting mistakes that a lot of businesses make.

These may be unconscious or because you are new to text message marketing. In this guide, we will talk about the most common mistakes. Make a checklist out of them and look if you are making these mistakes.

Mistakes to Avoid

Thousands of businesses trust ExpertTexting for their mass texting needs. However, not everyone gets it right the first time around. Here are the top mass texting mistakes to look out for and avoid.

  1. Sending without consent

    If you are new to mass texting, then you should know this before you start. Sending even one message without the consent of the receiver is illegal. The TCPA is very strict about it and will monitor you. To send out messages to the masses, you need expressed prior consent from each of them. This permission can be in any way that is easy to document.

    This is the reason why mass texts have a keyword and even QR code system. With these features, the receiver makes the first move. They can send their keyword on your number to subscribe to that list. However, you should have clear and transparent terms and conditions. These include the nature of messages, the frequency, and more like this.

    ExpertTexting encourages and only allows you to send out messages to people that opt-in via any means. Hence, make sure you have legally acquired numbers to send out these messages.

  2. Texting at the wrong time

    Believe it or not, there is a right time to send out messages. Imagine enjoying time with your family when your phone starts to buzz with a text message. Hence, it is a good idea to know your customer and find the right time to message them. Texting at the wrong time can easily thin your list and people may unsubscribe.

    This mistake generally does apply to transactional messages and emergency messages. A text message that is sent out as an emergency, should not have time sensitivity. Moreover, transactional messages that are sent out against a customers’ action do not have this limit too.

    If you are unsure of the timings, then the best time to send a message is during regular business hours. Most of the time, people do not mind receiving promotional messages during those hours.

  3.  Not welcoming them

    Welcome texts are more than just a fashion. It is a way to inform your subscriber that they are part of your list now. Imagine subscribing to a list but never knowing if you are in or out. Moreover, when you get a message from that number, you may find yourself in confusion. This is another way why people unsubscribe.

    ExpertTexting allows you to customize your welcome text. Moreover, it sends out this text automatically. You can use it to welcome your new customer or even give them a first-time discount.

  4. Forgetting a CTA

    One of the most important parts of any marketing is the call-to-action. Call to Action is when you give your customers a point to reach out or take an action against your channel. Even with the importance, the call to action is usually the first thing that businesses forget.

    When you craft your message, make sure to have something for your customers. Add a link to your website, a phone number, an email address, or anything. Make sure they have somewhere to go if they are interested in your business.

  5. Using long URLs

    In-text messaging, every single character is important. While the size of a text message is just 160 characters, it can extend. The message still counts and charges as multiple. However, most modern smartphones concatenate it into one long message. Regardless, you should ensure that your message is short and sweet. Adding a URL to your message can make the message very long and difficult to read.

    The best way around this is to make sure that you shorten your URL. ExpertTexting allows you to shorten your URL easily. Moreover, you can track the click-through rate of each URL to manage and measure your KPI.

  6. Sending duplicates

    Sending duplicate messages is a simple no! There are two angles to this error. The first is that you may have one number on your list twice or even more times. This error may be hard to track and you may be overlooking it. This is why one message sends out multiple times to that number. If this is the case, then it is easily avoidable. When you make a group on ExpertTexting, it simply filters the duplicate numbers. This process allows you to have one number only one time in a group.

    Another aspect of this error is the lack of effort. If you have the same promotional offer going, and you send the same text about it, then it shows no effort. The repetition of messages may come as annoying to even the opt-ins. Hence, when you send out messages about the same topic, make them different and exciting. Each message should have something unique even if the genre is the same.

  7. Increased frequency

    The frequency of the messages is part of your terms and conditions that should be clear. Too many messages can come across as annoying to the receiver. Make sure that your subscribers are expecting the number of messages you send out. For example, your restaurant business can require you to send your specials every day. However, your e-commerce store may not necessarily require you to send messages every day to shop.

    However, even a decreased frequency is not good. Imagine sending your customers a message a month. They may easily lose focus and forget your message. The message that they get once in a while, they may delete and unsubscribe.

  8. Not tracking KPIs

    One of the most common mistakes that makes the most difference is not tracking the KPIs. The messages you send out, the growth list and other factors are part of these.

    KPIs also help in knowing and tracking if your strategies are working or not, if your list is growing or decreasing, and much more. Once you have your measurement, you can work around it to make your business better.

Begin with ExpertTexting

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