Fulfill Customer Needs with Text Marketing

Fulfill Customer Needs with Text Marketing

As a business owner, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to miss out on customer needs. While you need to aim for a goal and revenue, it is imperative to keep your customers in mind. Your customers are the source of revenue and it is important to fulfill their needs to achieve your goals.

A study proved that 96% of consumers check customer service to stay loyal to a brand. Moreover, 70% of consumers prefer to stand by companies that fulfill their needs. And if all this is not enough, then 17% of American consumers tend to come to customers with great feedback on customer service.

Keeping all these stats in mind, it is clear that your business should have an evident way to ensure that your customer needs fall into place. There is a common misconception that businesses have to lure around each customer to know how they are performing. However, this is wrong. In this guide, we will talk about how you can make small changes in your approach to handle all the needs of your consumers.

Five ways to be attentive to customer needs

Here are a few easy ways to change your approach to marketing for customer needs.

  1. Upsell and Cross-sell
  2. Send personalized offers
  3. Choose the right channel
  4. Be open to communication
  5. Implement Feedback

Upsell and Cross-sell

Upselling or cross-selling is one of the easiest strategies. However, not everyone seems to use it. Upselling means to sell those products or services that the customer already has, but better versions of them. For example, if you are selling cakes, you can always ask for extra money for a more custom cake.

Cross-selling is also a part of upselling. It allows you to sell things in a combo. For example, if you are selling a sofa and offer cushions at half price.  

However, upselling and cross-selling can only be done when there is a purpose or a pain point that you can reach out to.

Imagine you have to sell calcium tablets. There are hundreds of brands offering several of these tablets. Your customer has to buy them from one place or another. However, to make a decision, they will subconsciously see which one is better for them. This particular customer wants to give these supplements to people 50 and over. This is your pain point right there! Every supplement has calcium, vitamins, and other necessities. However, yours is specially made for people 50 and over.

There you go! You have upsold!

Upselling requires creativity and to know your audience better. You cannot randomly add white gloves to your business to sell them to people. However, when you upsell, you are giving value for money and fulfilling customer needs. To know your customer better, we have a comprehensive guide. Click on the image below to read it.

Send personalized offers

According to a study, 71% of people said that they felt frustrated when their shopping experience was impersonal. Hence, one of the things that customers want is a personalized experience.

Now, here is the thing. If you look at it from a marketing perspective, you can never achieve this. Will you put up hundred and thousands of billboards according to each customer. Or, will you make thousands of DVCs and TVCs to personalize the experience for each person?

The best way to go about it is one-on-one communication with customers. Here is where text marketing comes in. Text marketing allows you to make the experience more personal with your consumers.

However, to do so, you need a platform like ExpertTexting that allows you to personalize text messages. 72% of consumers claim that they only engage with personalized messages.

With ExpertTexting you can personalize offers and send them as mass texts. Watch the video below to find out how you can send personalized messages.

Choose the right channel

A lot of people prefer texting, while others prefer phone calls. Imagine if you prefer texting and get tens of calls every day! Will you take them all? You might, but you’ll be agitated about it.

Since a big chunk of marketing is about communication, you cannot ignore the needs of customers when it comes to their preferred channel of communication. When radio was the only source of entertainment, advertisements and jingles would play on the radio all the time. Slowly as technology progressed, it kept changing.

In this era, we have phones. Phones that are smart and all are almost capable of changing lives. Even if you have a simple feature phone, you can always send or receive text messages. Using the power of this, text marketing becomes one of the best channels of marketing.

Emails almost go hand in hand. However, at one point it was overdone and now, people receive hundreds of emails every day. Moreover, the open rate is only about 18%.  Text marketing on the other hand enjoys all the benefits of text messaging and more. The open rate is up to 98%. Texts are direct, instant, and the easiest way of communication.

When it comes to preference, nothing beats text messages. The text marketing laws are quite strict and only allow you to send messages to people that have given prior express consent. Hence, every subscriber in your list becomes your highest intent lead that just needs a small push to convert. This makes the ROI higher and quicker as well. Click on the image below to know about the text marketing laws.

With so many advantages for marketers and consumers, it is safe to assume that text messaging is the right channel.

Be open to communication

You do everything right and still not be fulfilling your customers’ needs. The reason is that everything has its limitations. When you make an effort in knowing your audience and working on strategies that suit them, you are doing it in bulk. Of course, catering individuality is more or less difficult.

This is one of the needs that you need to fulfill – be open to communication. Communication allows you to know and understand where you lack and what your customer wants as an individual. Since every customer count, you have to be there for them.

However, there are some aspects here that might just be important to point out. Most people use emails and phone calls for customer servicing. While these are relatively good mediums of communication, there is always something better and more direct.

A statistic showed that 60% of customers prefer texting businesses about customer support issues. So, why not listen to what they want.

Mass texting allows you to engage with your customers in multiple ways. One of these ways is to allow them to text you and you can hold one-on-one conversations with the customers. Instant replies allow businesses to put out instant fires. Hence, you can fulfill customer needs, increase retention rates, and improve your business at the same time.

The importance of customer servicing is too big to miss out on. Click on the image below to read it in detail.

Implement Feedback

As a business, you should be asking for feedback. If you think you are doing everything right and still not getting results, that is probably because you are being ignorant. You need to make sure that you have plenty of feedback at all times.

Asking for feedback on your campaigns and generally on your business is a great way to increase customer loyalty. However, if you want this loyalty to last, then you need to begin implementing your feedback. Moreover, when you implement this feedback, make sure to reach out and tell your customers about it.

One of the most amazing things about text marketing is that you can manage feedback easily. With two-way communication, you can talk to customers about their queries over texts. Moreover, you can send them a mass text when you make changes according to your feedback.

This makes the customer feel heard and their needs feel fulfilled. You can increase a lot of brand loyalty with this method.

Begin text marketing with ExpertTexting

ExpertTexting is a mass texting service that allows you to manage customer needs in the most efficient way of communication. ExpertTexting charges you about one-third of what others charge you at prepaid pricing. This saves you from wasting your money. Moreover, you can enjoy one-on-one conversations with your customers too.

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