How to Make a Text Friendly Business

How to Make a Text Friendly Business

One of the biggest transitions in the marketing industry is mass texting. While mass texting was not an old concept, it specially made a mark during the 2020 global pandemic. A text friendly business seemed to make more of a mark than any other. The reason was that businesses wanted to give more time towards customer retention and less towards bringing new leads. Since texting allows people to opt-in, most businesses have customers on them only.

If you still have not made a text friendly business then this guide will tell you how you can achieve that.

What is a text friendly business?

Text messages have an open rate of up to 98%. This makes it one of the most communicative channels for marketing. Moreover, text marketing gives you the benefit of text messages as well as marketing. Businesses use it for customer engagement marketing, customer service, updates, promotions, and more.

The reason why you need a text friendly business is that a study showed that 58% of consumers tried leaving a text message to the business number. However, businesses do not receive them because they are not text friendly.

While businesses are taking this a step forward and having a cellphone for their use. However, having a simple mobile phone can come with limitations. Read on to know what kind of text messages enabled business you need.

Type of text-enabled businesses

Businesses have two different types of text enables services. The first is the type that is usually on a small scale. Businesses get a mobile phone and start sending messages. However, there are some limitations to this factor.

Limitations of getting a simple mobile phone for your business

No text blasts

The first and foremost feature that you will not have is you cannot send text blasts. Group messaging may be a possibility. However, you cannot send messages in masses to your customers.


With a mobile phone, you can simply use peer-to-peer communication. You can respond to those that sent you messages. However, you cannot send promotional messages in any case. The TCPA is very strict about it. The only people you can send messages to are the ones that have given you explicit consent to receive promotional messages. You can take this permission through verbal and written means. However, mass texting allows you to grow your list with several tools. Click on the link below to know about the text marketing laws.

No tracking

Another limitation you have is that there is no tracking in these messages. With a platform like ExpertTexting, you get the option to track your campaigns. You can see when the message has been sent, delivered, or even when the user opts out. This is especially important for marketing.

Benefits of using mass texting

Another kind of text-enabled business is when the businesses use mass texting to reach out to their audience. Mass texting is when you take a proper platform, like ExpertTexting, and use it to send out business and promotional messages. Here are a few advantages that businesses acquire when they use mass texting.

Text blasts

The first and topmost advantage is that you can send messages to millions of people at once. With the click of a button, you can send these messages and even track them.

Reply to one

If you are using a service like ExpertTexting, it gives you the advantage of a conversational style inbox. This allows you to have a one-on-one conversation with any one of your audience. Moreover, you can track incoming and outgoing messages. Watch the video below to know how you can use this inbox.

Schedule messages

Another advantage that you get with mass texting is that you can manage your campaigns. You can schedule a one-time campaign. Or, you can also schedule recurring campaigns.

Groups and segmentation

With Mass texting, you can simply use groups and segregation to manage your contacts. This allows businesses to target the people for a purpose only. Click on the link below to read about group texts.  

List building tools

Another great advantage is that mass texting platforms like ExpertTexting come with tools to help you with your list building. You can use keywords, QR codes, and even place a signup widget to ensure that you get the most. These are ways your audience can opt into your audience. Click on the link below to know what opt-in means when it comes to texting.

How to be more text friendly?

When it comes to being text-friendly, it is not just about having a phone and texting. There is so much more that you need to do to ensure that your business is text friendly. Here is how you can enable texts in your business.

  1.  Set up a widget

    Once you pick your platform and begin texting, you need to invite people. One of the best ways to do it is to set up a widget. ExpertTexting allows you to make your signup widget and simply place it on your website. When your traffic comes in, they can fill the form and will now be a part of your list.

  2. Update your contact info

    One of the simplest things you can do is to update your contact information. Once you have your business texting number, you can update your information and tell your audience. This allows your audience to know that you are available in text messages. Moreover, you can also advertise your keyword to allow people to join your list.

  3. Mobile optimization

    This is one of the most common things that businesses forget once they have a text messaging feature. If you are sending web links and messages, then put some work on your website. Since text messages bring a higher click-through rate to your website, you should realize that people will access your website with their phones. Mobile optimization allows your website to be mobile-friendly in terms of speed, loading time, and even outlook.

Begin with ExpertTexting

ExpertTexting is a mass texting service that helps your business become text friendly. You can get the number of your choice for your special purpose to reach out to your audience. Contact us today to make your business text-friendly.

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