Managing Event Staff Coordination with Texting

Managing Event Staff Coordination with Texting

One of the most important and also tricky aspects of event management is managing event staff. There are tens of people working on different parts of the event. Moreover, the central business owner has to overlook everything and put out fires on every part of the event. Hence, a central way of communication on the go is important. Keeping it in mind, what is better than mass texting?

One of the biggest advantages of texting is that you do not need an application or even the internet to access text messages. A regular mobile phone with enough network signals is all you need for instant communication via texts. This comes in very handy when you are managing an event. You can reach people of every department or their managers at the click of a button.

Here is a guide on how you can manage internal communication for an event management company.

Build your list

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is to build your list of the internal staff. Mass texting laws require you to have prior express consent from any person you are messaging. To make this happen for internal communication, you can simply add the keyword or QR code on the signing letter, or all over your office. This allows easy sign-up for your employees.

Another way to get consent is by adding a signup widget to your office portal for employees. You can also take some form of verbal consent. However, it is best to ensure that the consent is documentable to avoid problems in the future.

If you use a platform like ExpertTexting, you can simply use the tools to help in getting your staff to sign up for your list.

Segment your departments

One of the best parts of using ExpertTexting as your mass texting platform is that it allows multiple segmentations. You can use the same account for managing your guest list as well as your internal staff communication. Simply make groups and manage everything at once. You can also choose to have an agency account. This account allows multiple people to run the account when you give them access. This feature helps department managers to manage their subordinates easily.

When you make groups, you can do more than just keep the departments separate. You can also schedule messages to send at the desired time. Moreover, you can also personalize messages. Simply add custom fields for each contact in a group and you are good to go. Watch the video below to see how you can personalize messages with ExpertTexting.

Communication before and after events

There is so much to do before events. The preparations, the calls, the duties, all need handling. With mass texting, you can enhance communication. Send daily duties to onsite and offsite employees. Since almost everyone carries a mobile phone of some kind, you can manage communication instantly. Moreover, you can schedule messages for everyday duties and updates.

You can also send checklists to ensure that you have the list of all work and you can tally the updates. The limitations are almost endless.

Similarly, you can coordinate with your staff after the event. You can schedule messages to help them remind them of their duties. Or you can tell them to huddle in one place for a quick word or snacks.

Communication during events

One of the most chaotic moments for event managers is during the event. You can do everything right and still have something left. During events, since employees are scattered all over, it is more or less difficult to communicate.

Thankfully, mass texting makes this chaos slightly easy to handle. Simply, send mass messages in between your event. You can also set up or schedule these messages. Set the messages as cues when the different aspects happen. The quick updates allow the workers to stay in the loop even when there is chaos.

There can be several fires during events. To put out these fires you need instant communication. Simply text everyone telling the problem and the solution to it.

Enable two-way messaging

Mass texting allows you to send and also receive the message. By enabling two-way messaging, you allow your employees to text you back in case they need to. ExpertTexting allows you to manage one-on-one conversations with the conversational inbox.

By enabling two-way communication employees can also text you during the event to manage emergencies and unpredictable situations.

Use ExpertTexting for Managing Event Staff Coordination

Managing event staff and even external communication becomes much easier with ExpertTexting. With ExpertTexting you have the liberty to manage groups and even have an agency account. Moreover, by enabling MMS, you can share multimedia for a richer experience.

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